Rooted in quality, with a focus on sustainable, slow fashion, VOYAAJE resort wear and evening apparel was inspired by the luxurious island vibes of Miami, Florida. Whether your vacation looks like a 5-star trip to Mykonos, or a weekend staycation much closer to home, you’ll find just the style, comfort, and luxury you’ve been day-dreaming about.


Our Story

Aurore Collin and Henna Hiltunen are the creative “Voyaajers” behind the brand. These European transplants are ambitious, self-made women entrepreneurs, and they’re on a mission to empower women to look great, feel great, and love showing off their most precious asset: THEMSELVES.

The fierce female founders met in 2019, and soon found they had a lot in common: they are obsessive world travelers, with a passion for earth-friendly fashion, who both come from humble beginnings. Their relationship grew from being expats both new to Miami, to fast friends, and eventually, co-founders.

The two launched their designer store in Miami in 2021 with a goal to create a slow fashion and sustainable clothing brand that offers stunning collections of sexy, comfortable, high quality garments that women look and feel amazing in. We showcase local designers but also our own Voyaaje couture brand. 


Who is Aurore

My name is Aurore. I am French, born in Paris and raised in a small village in the South of France, in a low-income household, it was very difficult financially for my mom and dad to finish the month. My brother and I never traveled anywhere during our childhood. I’ve always been a little different than most people around me. While my friends were dreaming of getting married to the guy next door and having kids, I was already picturing myself traveling the world.

After I finished my studies in a Business School where I graduated with a Major in Entrepreneurship and an MBA in Marketing, I worked in Paris for a few years. I kept running after the perfect life but soon realized it might have looked good on paper but in reality I wasn't really happy… But then, after losing the only person who truly cared and loved me, my mom, I decided I didn’t want to live someone else's life. Within 2 weeks I left my fiancé, a well-paid and secure job, an apartment in central Paris, my car, my friends and my family... to live on an island in the Caribbean where I'd never been before, with no money I had to start everything from scratch and I did it! Few years later I found myself doing the same thing in the US.

First I learnt the language while living in LA (I was a waitress, dog sitter, French teacher, babysitter… and more). I was trying to make a living the best I could, as my English was not perfect yet. 18 months after I decided to move to Miami, I started working at Macy’s then I felt comfortable enough to create my own business doing what I was passionate about: Traveling. I was tailoring vacations for high-end customers. 

My other passion is Art and Design. I love beauty and fashion, I was always secretly dreaming about creating clothes which make myself and any other woman feel good and beautiful in our own body. 


Who is Henna

My name is Henna, I am 37 years old and originally from Finland, but don’t consider my self as a typical Finn. I always felt I was born in a wrong country. I grew up as a middle sibling off a middle class family with fairly normal childhood with some ups and major downs. At 15 years old I moved to another city to study, a few hours away and the life of an adult started right there and then. My father passed away when I was 18. After this tragic loss of a husband and father, our family was shook and now it was just us, girls. I got married to my so called high-school sweetheart and later divorced him at the age of 25. 

I’ve been always passioned about beauty industry and fashion. After working in my home town as a hairstylist and a manager of a small chain of local salons for 7 years, I wanted to explore the world and started my journey from Milan, Italy. I wanted to put my self under this test if I could just start a whole new life in a different country, learn a new language, make friends and find my place somewhere else. I did all that and worked and lived in Milan happily for 3 and a half years.

By coincidence my next step was Aruba, the paradise island. After a month of a vacation, I decided to stay there and did it all over again starting from zero. My profession has always allowed me to move around and if anything, I learned so much more in every country. Eventually I ended up managing a salon in that one happy island and gained more important professional experience. After 4 years in Aruba, I arrived to hopefully my final destination, Miami. I decided to open my first own business and I have been operating my hair and nail salon called Hennah International Salon in Miami Beach since 2018. After a few life changing challenges and losses , today I wake up happy and excited. I have met so many wonderful people in my travels and years abroad, I gained so much important life experience that I cannot regret any part of if. It makes me who I am today!

How did Aurore & Henna meet

Aurore had created a Women’s social network on Facebook called Social girls Miami. Henna wanted to do some advertising for her salon, in this group and Aurore later became a client of the salon. They soon found out they had a lot in common, coming from a small village and a modest family, from important losses in their life to travel back round and a lot of similar interests. They became really good, close friends and a little later found a mutual passion for fashion as well.

Inspired by this women’s empowerment group, they decided to create a fashion brand called SG Miami. And that obviously stands for Social Girls! Later in the process they decided to change the name of the fashion brand to VOYAAJE to represent their journeys individually, now together as two women entrepreneurs and to represent every woman’s journey! 

Both of the girls have a mission to help and support other women and this social group has been very helpful for so many girls and women. They have been able to make new friends, receive and share recommendations regarding the city of Miami, promote their small businesses, get new ideas for hobbies, participate in different events around them and even volunteer. Today it is an active group of 9000 members in Miami! 

Aurore and Henna now want to invite you all to your own VOYAAJE!

With their fashion brand they will continue to support women and have decided to donate a portion of every purchase to a local women’s shelter that helps women to find aid while first leaving a dangerous or threatening situation at home.


Come see us in person at our popup store: 

2000 Collins Avenue,
Miami Beach Florida 33139